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"Lantern Light"

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Artist Ann Caldwell Kelly

A few words of introduction from the artist...

For over 30 years I have been painting in a variety of media, watercolor, pastel, acrylic and oil. Watercolor excites me because it is unpredicatable. It invites an exploratory spirit. The interaction of pigment with water can achieve luminosity like no other medium. When I paint birds, I often turn to watercolor because I can be wild with the background colors, allowing the wet-in-wet movement of the paint to suggest sky or water, tightening control with drybrush to focus details of plumage.

I find soft pastel a wonderful medium for capturning the momentary play of light whether it be in a landscape, or a portrait.

I feel I am most fully alive, most mentally engaged when I draw or paint. Whether in charcoal or pastel, I try to capture that fleeting moment when facial expression reveals something of character, shows something honest and individual. In all the portraits I have done, this has been my goal, to find that expression which distinguishes a person.

The vast offerings of nature provide the images for my landscapes: a secret quiet cove, dappled by the evening light of the sun, a swift river current bathed in the golden light of autumn, or the quirky gesture of a chicken, showing off amazing features of color and pattern. I use photos for reference, but the real fun begins when I depart from that source material, and use a bit of exaggeration or invention, to add a touch of drama to the painting. During the process of creating, one can be influenced by a myriad of sources, be it music, other artists, color relationships, mood, memory, emotion. What I hope will emerge is a final image that resonates with people.

I want to communicate my love for a particular place in time, a particular moment of being.